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Vending Service

Ten M Vending strives to offer state of the art vending machines with electronic coin acceptors, dollar bill validators, and credit card readers on every machine! While accepting many payment options, and having state of the art equipment,

we still deliver the lowest price for our products in the region. 

Machine Types:

12oz Can Drink, 20oz Bottle Drink, Glass Front Drink, Snack, Cold Food, and Ice Cream Machines. 

Payment options include: Cash, Coins, Credit/Debit Cards, Blackboard, Contactless and Transactions like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay.



Ten M Currently offers over 250+ different snacks, candies, chips, pastries, canned drinks, energy drinks, bottled drinks, coffee, and numerous other item categories. This allows us to offer a great selection our customers.

Telemetry & Service

Ten M Vending is implementing some of the most advanced Vending Management Software across our whole company that allow us to offer the best service to our customers. Telemetry data enables us to never miss a stock out in our machines by monitoring inventory levels and sales data in realtime, and be able to observe product trends to stock products your employees or customers want.

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